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Allen's Acres Farm

Family owned and operated since 1988


New Year/New website

Posted on January 5, 2018 at 3:30 PM
Many thanks to Kathy Peterson of Competitive Advantage Business Solutions for the design of our new website. I met Kathy thru Caroline Malott of Red Roof Kunekunes. Kathy has Viriginia Kunekunes farm. I told Kathy today as she was training me to maintain the website, that you never know how connections are made and to be thoughtful, patient, and kind and your efforts are repaid to you through these relationships. I am so incredible proud of my children (Quinn and Jarrad) and watching then become adults has made me realize that no matter what else I accomplished in my career...nothing else was more important than my children and their success and happiness. I really don't know what this blog will bring. Hopefully, I don't just ramble, lol. I want to share information on our wonderful animals when I can. The sharing of knowledge benefits everyone. I am blessed by knowing my friends in the kunekunes and their willingness to support us in raising these amazing pigs. Our first litters should be here in March and I can't wait. I can honestly say I NEVER thought I would enjoy pigs so much! The cute factor is astronomical! And then there is the miniature cattle. I clearly remember being out in a pickup in a field amidst a herd of Chianina cattle and they were as tall as the cab of the truck. I was scared spitless! But these miniatures are more like big dogs. Even our bull, Oakey, doesn't frighten me. Don't get me wrong....they are still big and it hurts when they step on your foot, but you don't feel intimidated by them as you do with full size cattle. And don't even start me in the calves. Check out the pics of the little white calf we had in 2017. These guys aren't even knee high when they are born, and you can pick them up and carry them around if you need to. I used to think I wanted an all registered herd of a specific breed but I admit to really enjoying the crossbreds and not quite knowing what the calves will look like when they are born. Maybe that comes from our long association with Appaloosa horses. You have to have faith to raise Apps because you can breed two of the loudest colored horses together and get a solid colored foal. It's always a surprise when a foal is born. We have only had one foal out of our young stallion, Exec, so far, and he was exceptional. He was sold to a couple in Louisiana, and I hope he is doing well for them. I have a photo of the colt when we put the camel out in the arena with him the first time. He looked way way up at Dominick and then went over to him and tried to smell him. I was amazed he didn't run in terror. ER and Brett, the two mares, were freaked out when he went outside the first time. No way were they getting close to the scary creature. Dominick is so calm and friendly except when you bring treats for the pigs. Then he just annoys you because he firmly believes that it's one treat for the pigs and 10 for him....repeat. He is not a fan of vegetables except carrots. It's pretty clear when you give him a pea pod and he spits it back at you. Reminds me of Quinn when it comes to peas.....He does love bread, grapes, apples, potato chips, carrots, and strawberries. He knows that the lady with the plastic grocery bags brings goodies! The pigs know what the rattling plastic bag means too, and I really hate that the weather has been so horrible that I haven't been able to go visit in a while though I do send treats with Quinn to give them. It has been miserably cold the last couple of weeks over the holidays and I am constantly amazed at how well the animals adapt to the weather. Quinn has made sure the huts are full of straw for the pigs and goats, and of course they snuggle up at night to keep warm. Tank heaters keep the water from freezing so the animals always have water. Round bales keep everyone happy with food. I am really looking forward to babes this spring. I know one foal is due in February, piglets in March, and calves in April I think. I will do my best to keep the website current. Anyway, enjoy the website and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Deb

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