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Allen's Acres Farm

Family owned and operated since 1988


A Rough week

Posted on January 20, 2018 at 6:20 PM

The last weekend started off full of excitement as we welcomed two new additions to our Appaloosa herd. Pass Me A Miracle {Mia} came from McNeil Performance Horses in North Carolina, and they are incredibly nice people. Also we welcomed Miracle Huntress (Louise) from Courtney Aaron in Florida. Unfortunately, Louise developed an impaction and ultimately had to be euthanized during surgery. The staff at Conly Koontz Equine were amazing and absolutely did their best. There is no rhyme or reason as to why we lose a special animal. We had Louise such a very short time but we know that many people were affected by her passing. Courtney, the shippers, the staff at the vet's, and our family were devastated by the loss of a young mare with lots of years ahead of her. 

Mia is settinling in well. We turned her out with a young mare and a couple of our geriatric miniature horses today and she was so good with them. She even waslked past the camel without even a twitch. We can't wait til April for her foal by Image Of Sevens AQHA. Her 2017 filly is beautiful.

Everyone survived the hideously cold weather we had for two weeks. It amazes me how well all the animals adapt. They did better than we did! 

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