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Allen's Acres Farm

Family owned and operated since 1988


Kunekune registration

Posted on February 23, 2018 at 6:40 PM

Happy Friday! I just wanted to take minute and let you know that the process for registration of Kunekunes is complicated and time consuming, so patience is required. Only the BREEDER can register a litter of piglets and get them registered. This is NOT like getting a horse or a puppy where the breeder hands you a paper and then you can send it in to get the animal registered. Kunekunes require the breeder to register a litter, and then pull hair to send in to a lab to verify DNA parentage, and only after that is done, do we get permission to register the piglets, and then the breeder is still responsible for filling out the paperwork and submitting it to register the individual piglets. Also, if you want to have your chosen name on their papers, please tell the breeder so they can enter it during submission. On transfers of registered pigs, again the owner is responsible for filling out the transfer and sending in the original papers to get the animal transferred. It is my suggestion to anyone wanting to buy a Kunekune, to get everything in writing from the person you are getting the pig from. You are relying on the honesty of the person, the breeder or current owner, to come through with what they promised. If they don't, then you have something in writing if you need to pursue a legal recourse. I have been incredibly lucky to deal with honest and trustworthy people, but I have heard stories about problems other people have had from those who are not so ethical. If the person you want to get a pig from is not willing to put everything in writing, then think twice. Please ask questions and make sure you understand the process. The two registries, AKKPS and AKPR, have information on registration on their websites. And they have lots of other information as well. An informed buyer and an honest seller makes the transaction a happy one.

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